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​Vibration testing

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Hyphen’s vibration testing lab can help you determine whether your package or product will survive real-life conditions. We can perform a variety of tests in our fully-equipped facility, and meet a wide range of industry standards.
Our 6’ x 6’ slip table and 6’ x 5’ guided-head expander is one of the largest vibration platen combinations available in Canada. This 8,000 lbf elect​rodynamic shaker can accommodate large pallets and crates.
We also have a 3,000 lbf electrodynamic shaker that’s ideal for small product and component testing. The shaker has a 20” round-head expander and a 24” x 24” slip table for rigid control over a variety of frequencies. 
All of Hyphen’s vibration systems are equipped with high-quality controllers, so we can perform various profiles and monitor numerous accelerometers during testing (up to 24 channels).
We have a full suite of ICP accelerometers and a vast inventory of commonly-used tools, equipment and fixtures.
Contact a Hyphen expert to discuss your vibration testing requirements. 


​Vibration testing ​
  Maximum sine/random force
8,000 lbf (35.6 kN)​
  Frequency range​ 6 Hz to 2,300 Hz
​  Largest head expander (W x D)
72” x 60”
​  Largest slip table (W x D) 72” x 72”



  • Package testing
  • Random vibration profiles
  • Modal analysis
  • Shock pulses
  • Operating vibration tests
  • Bump testing



In this video, you’ll see inside our comprehensive testing facility and learn more about the advantages of environmental testing from Hyphen’s Managing Director, Mark Barfoot.

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