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Hyphen’s full and hemi-anechoic, sound chamber is a free-field environment for testing a variety of acoustic measurements including:
  • sound quality,
  • sound pressure,
  • sound power, and
  • sound frequency.


You can rent the chamber and do your own testing, or have us conduct the sound tests for you.
The chamber’s acoustic absorbers have a minimum frequency cut off of 100 Hz and a background ambient of 19 dBA. There’s no interference from external sources, so you get precise measurements.
Our industry-leading, acoustic-data acquisition system and free-field microphones let you easily test to different industry and international standards. Our anechoic test facility complies with ISO 3745 standards in both full and hemi-anechoic configuration to ensure accurate and repeatable measurements. 
Hyphen’s data-acquisition system can monitor up to 18 channels with a frequency range up to 51.2 kHz.
Hyphen can perform sound-quality analysis. Our head and torso simulator can test the limits of human perception and determine the spatial properties of sound.
Contact a Hyphen expert to discuss your sound testing requirements.

Product specifications


Sound testing​ ​
  Minimum frequency cut off ​100 Hz​
​  Background ambient 19 dBA
  Internal dimensions (full anechoic) 12’4” x 19’1” x 11’2”
  Internal dimensions (hemi-anechoic) 12’4” x 19’1” x 8’5”
​  Door 2’8” x 6’

  Access ports​

​3" and 6" diameter



  • Sound pressure
  • Sound power
  • Sound quality



In this video, you’ll see inside our comprehensive testing facility and learn more about the advantages of environmental testing from Hyphen’s Managing Director, Mark Barfoot.

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