Predict how your product will perform in real-world environments

Use Hyphen’s comprehensive environmental testing laboratory to identify field failures and testing issues early in the product development lifecycle, and mitigate risks.

Mechanical testing

Find out if your design will meet all of its mechanical requirements. Our team of experts will provide analytic testing services and full reporting for a wide range of mechanical testing including:
Our top-of-the-line equipment and instrumentation can handle the largest variety of mechanical testing procedures and requirements. This means you can troubleshoot on the spot and keep business moving.

Electrical testing

Hyphen’s electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory can perform full-scan, radiated emission testing and measure radiated electromagnetic noise compatibility to:
  • FCC,
  • Industry Canada,
  • CISPR, and
  • several IEC and EN standards.
Our staff will perform the testing and provide support for troubleshooting any EMC problems the testing reveals.
Hyphen’s capabilities cover:


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